Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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Macaroni Gratin Macaroni Gratin Bisco Power Bisco Power Carla Alchemy Carla Alchemy Dalki Shinra Dalki Shinra Decil Decidia Decil Decidia Jiro Glay Jiro Glay Misa Tea Misa Tea Nana Ichigosnow Nana Ichigosnow Popri Howerd Popri Howerd Ramune Ruru Ramune Ruru Riru' Staba Riru' Staba Saki Lemon Saki Lemon Tomato Matoma Tomato Matoma Yuan Brank Yuan Brank Yune Satsuki Yune Satsuki Caramel Milk Caramel Milk Maruka Ruka Maruka Ruka Mico Saison Mico Saison Nana Byakko Nana Byakko Sophia Stella Sophia Stella A- Ruru A- Ruru A- Yukikuma A- Yukikuma A-la-cr Miqo-te A-la-cr Miqo-te A-mad Tea-party A-mad Tea-party A-tan Nissy A-tan Nissy A' B' A' B' A' C' A' C' A' F'kay A' F'kay A' Iora A' Iora A' Krisu A' Krisu A' Le A' Le A' Mi A' Mi A' Mirai A' Mirai A' Nit A' Nit A' Zu A' Zu A'amara Tia A'amara Tia A'arc Okuy A'arc Okuy A'bes Ulric A'bes Ulric A'bhin Omah A'bhin Omah A'bhin Tianxa A'bhin Tianxa A'buri Salmon A'buri Salmon A'chan Tia A'chan Tia A'ciel Solesc A'ciel Solesc A'daelia Cadeyrn A'daelia Cadeyrn A'dalea Edhel A'dalea Edhel A'dhodjbi Falh A'dhodjbi Falh A'eryn Naka A'eryn Naka A'etalia Rhel A'etalia Rhel A'feina Tahn A'feina Tahn A'ghal Nunh A'ghal Nunh A'ghol Lythnon A'ghol Lythnon A'gnayak Nitsah A'gnayak Nitsah A'gnira Dhio A'gnira Dhio A'guy' Using'magic' A'guy' Using'magic' A'hari Relanah A'hari Relanah A'hldous Nunh A'hldous Nunh A'hnishka Seren A'hnishka Seren A'ichi Qal'dray A'ichi Qal'dray A'iliy Sue A'iliy Sue A'iscrim Vweet A'iscrim Vweet A'iyyan Thereaux A'iyyan Thereaux A'jai Tia A'jai Tia A'jus Supreim A'jus Supreim A'kagi K'aga A'kagi K'aga A'kagi Tia A'kagi Tia A'kashi Nayde A'kashi Nayde A'kasialynn Rose A'kasialynn Rose A'keron Moss A'keron Moss A'key Menthol A'key Menthol A'khebica Dinara A'khebica Dinara A'khebica Nahkriin A'khebica Nahkriin A'khelwa Tohka A'khelwa Tohka A'kia Clavis A'kia Clavis A'king Cocco A'king Cocco A'kita Nunh A'kita Nunh A'kos Saiyal A'kos Saiyal A'kuri Kota A'kuri Kota A'kuya Unshin A'kuya Unshin A'laddin Rook A'laddin Rook A'lahyu Tia A'lahyu Tia A'lan Atreides A'lan Atreides A'ldyet Hayashibara A'ldyet Hayashibara A'leksa Hayle A'leksa Hayle A'leu Zionis A'leu Zionis A'lhenya Yokho A'lhenya Yokho A'lichia Tia A'lichia Tia A'licia Sunna A'licia Sunna A'lie Shue A'lie Shue A'lin Graeme A'lin Graeme A'lin Taqa A'lin Taqa A'linbo Claw A'linbo Claw A'linhbo Ai A'linhbo Ai A'linhbo Hefdhok A'linhbo Hefdhok A'linhbo Rhof A'linhbo Rhof A'linhbo Tohka A'linhbo Tohka A'lix Savfnir A'lix Savfnir A'loe Viera A'loe Viera A'loop Lane A'loop Lane A'lphe Sirah A'lphe Sirah A'luka Shiver A'luka Shiver