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Evil Empire

Rank 30 Free Company "Evil Empire" was formed on and registered on with ID 9231112598714386861. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Lamia, Primal leaving tags "EVIL" all over the place. Has a large base named "FC Evil Empire House" on plot 15 in ward 6 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

 FC LATINA EVIL La Mansion del mal c:<

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • Elementa

Current members:

Akritas Digenis Akritas Digenis Azael Lion Azael Lion Black Lamb Black Lamb Isildur Mythrael Isildur Mythrael Light Iltz Light Iltz Lina Crowe Lina Crowe Lomitax Rol Lomitax Rol Lumina Reol Lumina Reol Redd Xiii Redd Xiii Saya Skye Saya Skye Sorak Endou Sorak Endou Zelgius Tempest Zelgius Tempest Akross Leviathan Master of Evil Akross Leviathan Mephice Thamn Espere su rango Mephice Thamn Therzul Gray Master Craft  Therzul Gray Ellesmera Glitters Evil Support  Ellesmera Glitters Kalirien Avaliz Evil Support  Kalirien Avaliz Kalladin Stormbless Evil Support  Kalladin Stormbless Artorias Londor . Elite ★★★ Artorias Londor Healer Adjust . Elite ★★★ Healer Adjust Steph Arrep . Elite ★★★ Steph Arrep Alassea Ringeril Leader  Alassea Ringeril Fushi Linx Leader  Fushi Linx Rosie Moon Leader  Rosie Moon Sakura Deemo Leader  Sakura Deemo Alicia Relm'carol S. Elite ★★★ Alicia Relm'carol Dagran Ornitier S. Elite ★★★ Dagran Ornitier Jey Narukami S. Elite ★★★ Jey Narukami Monika Weisswind S. Elite ★★★ Monika Weisswind Yami Tomoko S. Elite ★★★ Yami Tomoko Claire Brasher S. Extrem ★★☆ Claire Brasher Kestrel Stormguard S. Extrem ★★☆ Kestrel Stormguard Kusanagi Takeru S. Extrem ★★☆ Kusanagi Takeru Shara Amon S. Extrem ★★☆ Shara Amon Tez Catlipoca S. Extrem ★★☆ Tez Catlipoca Blue Gray Savage ★☆☆ Blue Gray Code Unknown Savage ★☆☆ Code Unknown Holy Bunny Savage ★☆☆ Holy Bunny Prae Senti Savage ★☆☆ Prae Senti Umbral Kurogane Savage ★☆☆ Umbral Kurogane Urwaifuistrash Waifuz Savage ★☆☆ Urwaifuistrash Waifuz Xagika Purplewill Savage ★☆☆ Xagika Purplewill Xue Worryless Savage ★☆☆ Xue Worryless Zhou Yuu Savage ★☆☆ Zhou Yuu Abyl Amsel Raider ☆☆☆ Abyl Amsel Aderi Fuji Raider ☆☆☆ Aderi Fuji Aeris Valantine Raider ☆☆☆ Aeris Valantine Aketza Scolnick Raider ☆☆☆ Aketza Scolnick Aldreth Heid Raider ☆☆☆ Aldreth Heid Aleksandr Nuklevoy Raider ☆☆☆ Aleksandr Nuklevoy Anasui Yenn Raider ☆☆☆ Anasui Yenn Arashi Kori Raider ☆☆☆ Arashi Kori Arlett Evalieri Raider ☆☆☆ Arlett Evalieri Ashe Ivalice Raider ☆☆☆ Ashe Ivalice Ayane Dragoon Raider ☆☆☆ Ayane Dragoon Aznael Crosslight Raider ☆☆☆ Aznael Crosslight Balthier Bunanza Raider ☆☆☆ Balthier Bunanza Balxephon Anteiku Raider ☆☆☆ Balxephon Anteiku Beckhy Uyagir Raider ☆☆☆ Beckhy Uyagir Bell Cranell Raider ☆☆☆ Bell Cranell Berserk Jaegarjaquez Raider ☆☆☆ Berserk Jaegarjaquez Bio Mewrilah Raider ☆☆☆ Bio Mewrilah Brandir Kisaragi Raider ☆☆☆ Brandir Kisaragi Cecily Walford Raider ☆☆☆ Cecily Walford Chencho Uchiha Raider ☆☆☆ Chencho Uchiha Cherry Kakyoin Raider ☆☆☆ Cherry Kakyoin Chris Kong Raider ☆☆☆ Chris Kong Crystal Glaze Raider ☆☆☆ Crystal Glaze Dantoz Solomon Raider ☆☆☆ Dantoz Solomon Dashe Xde Raider ☆☆☆ Dashe Xde Don Cumo Raider ☆☆☆ Don Cumo Doomgaze Xiii Raider ☆☆☆ Doomgaze Xiii Drake Kiryu Raider ☆☆☆ Drake Kiryu Eliwood Mejia Raider ☆☆☆ Eliwood Mejia Elvy Slashelv Raider ☆☆☆ Elvy Slashelv Eon An Raider ☆☆☆ Eon An Exviz Koizumi Raider ☆☆☆ Exviz Koizumi Gabriel Xander Raider ☆☆☆ Gabriel Xander Ginn Ashe Raider ☆☆☆ Ginn Ashe Great Gospel Raider ☆☆☆ Great Gospel Gusi Forever Raider ☆☆☆ Gusi Forever Gustaf Farrem Raider ☆☆☆ Gustaf Farrem Gwyn Aegis Raider ☆☆☆ Gwyn Aegis I'm Pansy Raider ☆☆☆ I'm Pansy Im Socute Raider ☆☆☆ Im Socute Itayosara Holiness Raider ☆☆☆ Itayosara Holiness Itsuki Akiba Raider ☆☆☆ Itsuki Akiba Jack Zehro Raider ☆☆☆ Jack Zehro Joakyn Loustaunau Raider ☆☆☆ Joakyn Loustaunau Jonathan Joung Raider ☆☆☆ Jonathan Joung Josmell Bouroncle Raider ☆☆☆ Josmell Bouroncle K'gutah Phivra Raider ☆☆☆ K'gutah Phivra Kai Reinford Raider ☆☆☆ Kai Reinford Karmila Bathory Raider ☆☆☆ Karmila Bathory Katze Kyofu Raider ☆☆☆ Katze Kyofu King Hassan Raider ☆☆☆ King Hassan Kobami Boland Raider ☆☆☆ Kobami Boland Kuro Tsukino Raider ☆☆☆ Kuro Tsukino Laky Ta Raider ☆☆☆ Laky Ta Laringe Verde Raider ☆☆☆ Laringe Verde Laycross Pugi Raider ☆☆☆ Laycross Pugi Lethe Nash Raider ☆☆☆ Lethe Nash Lion Shin Raider ☆☆☆ Lion Shin Little Strawberry Raider ☆☆☆ Little Strawberry Liviont Tachikake Raider ☆☆☆ Liviont Tachikake Luke Legrand Raider ☆☆☆ Luke Legrand Lun Laliut Raider ☆☆☆ Lun Laliut Lusnhir Crisos Raider ☆☆☆ Lusnhir Crisos Magic Shadows Raider ☆☆☆ Magic Shadows Mar Verde Raider ☆☆☆ Mar Verde Martin Cas Raider ☆☆☆ Martin Cas Memeru Uchiha Raider ☆☆☆ Memeru Uchiha Meur Sault Raider ☆☆☆ Meur Sault Meyneth Aeon Raider ☆☆☆ Meyneth Aeon Miidgar Liindblum Raider ☆☆☆ Miidgar Liindblum Mikan Yuki Raider ☆☆☆ Mikan Yuki Miyuki Terumi Raider ☆☆☆ Miyuki Terumi Natsu Arclight Raider ☆☆☆ Natsu Arclight Nimuro Matsu Raider ☆☆☆ Nimuro Matsu Niro Prox Raider ☆☆☆ Niro Prox Noir Branwen Raider ☆☆☆ Noir Branwen Nova Morningstar Raider ☆☆☆ Nova Morningstar Nura Raizel Raider ☆☆☆ Nura Raizel Nyx Jumper Raider ☆☆☆ Nyx Jumper Oliver Love Raider ☆☆☆ Oliver Love Papafono Gogofono Raider ☆☆☆ Papafono Gogofono Pelao Okamii Raider ☆☆☆ Pelao Okamii Pinkus Winkus Raider ☆☆☆ Pinkus Winkus Princesa Guerrera Raider ☆☆☆ Princesa Guerrera Raihan Pendragon Raider ☆☆☆ Raihan Pendragon Ratoni Tuntoni Raider ☆☆☆ Ratoni Tuntoni Rauro Gardz Raider ☆☆☆ Rauro Gardz Ray Tekka Raider ☆☆☆ Ray Tekka Regis Nex Raider ☆☆☆ Regis Nex Rojo Carmesi Raider ☆☆☆ Rojo Carmesi Rowland Puga Raider ☆☆☆ Rowland Puga Rurufona Lulufona Raider ☆☆☆ Rurufona Lulufona Saintgaturro Tia Raider ☆☆☆ Saintgaturro Tia Sashaxx Koneko Raider ☆☆☆ Sashaxx Koneko Satan's Soul Raider ☆☆☆ Satan's Soul Satomi Junpei Raider ☆☆☆ Satomi Junpei Scarlet Muika Raider ☆☆☆ Scarlet Muika Shadow Equinox Raider ☆☆☆ Shadow Equinox Shaneko Haneko Raider ☆☆☆ Shaneko Haneko Shara Veis Raider ☆☆☆ Shara Veis Shicko Pr Raider ☆☆☆ Shicko Pr Shiro Kitsune Raider ☆☆☆ Shiro Kitsune Silver Zero Raider ☆☆☆ Silver Zero Sirifa Facendopa Raider ☆☆☆ Sirifa Facendopa Sivh Fallenhart Raider ☆☆☆ Sivh Fallenhart Skedj Chlorine Raider ☆☆☆ Skedj Chlorine Skuld Hildr Raider ☆☆☆ Skuld Hildr Slizeh Ejinn Raider ☆☆☆ Slizeh Ejinn Soda Popinski Raider ☆☆☆ Soda Popinski Soul Ryu Raider ☆☆☆ Soul Ryu Steve Antilles Raider ☆☆☆ Steve Antilles Sylphy Sylfynford Raider ☆☆☆ Sylphy Sylfynford Syrenne Valtrois Raider ☆☆☆ Syrenne Valtrois Syrieth Kong Raider ☆☆☆ Syrieth Kong Umbreon Xi Raider ☆☆☆ Umbreon Xi Vasha Vani Raider ☆☆☆ Vasha Vani Vent Tech Raider ☆☆☆ Vent Tech Vitraal Tempest Raider ☆☆☆ Vitraal Tempest Wamba Lupster Raider ☆☆☆ Wamba Lupster Xaref Dragulia Raider ☆☆☆ Xaref Dragulia Xer Van Raider ☆☆☆ Xer Van Xevigan Irina Raider ☆☆☆ Xevigan Irina Xivhar Xivanger Raider ☆☆☆ Xivhar Xivanger Yodyl Paharo Raider ☆☆☆ Yodyl Paharo Yonyx Thezombie Raider ☆☆☆ Yonyx Thezombie Zaga Von-fenrir Raider ☆☆☆ Zaga Von-fenrir Zaimara Oak Raider ☆☆☆ Zaimara Oak Zazamai Nanamai Raider ☆☆☆ Zazamai Nanamai Zireael Riannon Raider ☆☆☆ Zireael Riannon Agiter Ar Adventurous  Agiter Ar Agrezzor Dragonborn Adventurous  Agrezzor Dragonborn Ailixh Moreno Adventurous  Ailixh Moreno Aimatsu Shadowflame Adventurous  Aimatsu Shadowflame Ainon Jr Adventurous  Ainon Jr Albe Freak Adventurous  Albe Freak Alissia Levinton Adventurous  Alissia Levinton Ano'ra Lami'ta Adventurous  Ano'ra Lami'ta Anthy Rosebride Adventurous  Anthy Rosebride Argeti Darkgrey Adventurous  Argeti Darkgrey Asclepius Senju Adventurous  Asclepius Senju Ashhen Ittetsu Adventurous  Ashhen Ittetsu Astolfo Xll Adventurous  Astolfo Xll Bastian Hydrae Adventurous  Bastian Hydrae Belen Indira Adventurous  Belen Indira Belias D'gigas Adventurous  Belias D'gigas Bokuno Pico Adventurous  Bokuno Pico Bryemaz Slender Adventurous  Bryemaz Slender Calmita Reborn Adventurous  Calmita Reborn Catsuga Tensho Adventurous  Catsuga Tensho Chany Ra Adventurous  Chany Ra Clay Mohr Adventurous  Clay Mohr Creito Ooops Adventurous  Creito Ooops Dark Zoran Adventurous  Dark Zoran Darmarz Sogrub Adventurous  Darmarz Sogrub Deus Verlice Adventurous  Deus Verlice Dino Nyan Adventurous  Dino Nyan Draviinea Dragonborn Adventurous  Draviinea Dragonborn Emma Langley Adventurous  Emma Langley Ennis Glaslough Adventurous  Ennis Glaslough Exodus Maxmus Adventurous  Exodus Maxmus Feadinnen Moon Adventurous  Feadinnen Moon Fei Yuan-yi Adventurous  Fei Yuan-yi Feroz Mike Adventurous  Feroz Mike Forbiden Jc Adventurous  Forbiden Jc Fredya Varkyrien Adventurous  Fredya Varkyrien Freezer Vera Adventurous  Freezer Vera Frisep Sparrowhawk Adventurous  Frisep Sparrowhawk Goddess Aradia Adventurous  Goddess Aradia Guero Caelum Adventurous  Guero Caelum Hagane Ikari Adventurous  Hagane Ikari Himitsu Hanzo Adventurous  Himitsu Hanzo Hiroik Ichy Adventurous  Hiroik Ichy Hotaru Bloodfallen Adventurous  Hotaru Bloodfallen Ill Ill- Adventurous  Ill Ill- Ingrith Arcana Adventurous  Ingrith Arcana Isse Senryu Adventurous  Isse Senryu Isuka Banjo Adventurous  Isuka Banjo Jindrich Morningstar Adventurous  Jindrich Morningstar Joe Might Adventurous  Joe Might Josue Arax Adventurous  Josue Arax Julious Noname Adventurous  Julious Noname Kaguya Sky Adventurous  Kaguya Sky Kalliome Amatsu Adventurous  Kalliome Amatsu Kallista Sympony Adventurous  Kallista Sympony Kanamy Leviathan Adventurous  Kanamy Leviathan Karmesi Crimsonspell Adventurous  Karmesi Crimsonspell Katenari Seraphia Adventurous  Katenari Seraphia Kaya Vernie Adventurous  Kaya Vernie Keltaas Sustrider Adventurous  Keltaas Sustrider Kief Uno Adventurous  Kief Uno Kitsune Asamikumiho Adventurous  Kitsune Asamikumiho Kuromi Bloodfallen Adventurous  Kuromi Bloodfallen Kvothe Tks Adventurous  Kvothe Tks Kyu Hanzo Adventurous  Kyu Hanzo Laxis Dyster Adventurous  Laxis Dyster Laxus Frostwrynn Adventurous  Laxus Frostwrynn Leone Von-alexandros Adventurous  Leone Von-alexandros Lestt Bravehearth Adventurous  Lestt Bravehearth Lilum Farnights Adventurous  Lilum Farnights Linn Whitemoon Adventurous  Linn Whitemoon Loh'ki Gun Adventurous  Loh'ki Gun Lollipop Girl Adventurous  Lollipop Girl Lonely Bunny Adventurous  Lonely Bunny Luna Seeker Adventurous  Luna Seeker Lunafreyaa Greengrass Adventurous  Lunafreyaa Greengrass Luzmila Miranda Adventurous  Luzmila Miranda Lyl Nhyr Adventurous  Lyl Nhyr Lynx Gainsborough Adventurous  Lynx Gainsborough Maekar Primero Adventurous  Maekar Primero Maeve Ross Adventurous  Maeve Ross Maoneja Boneja Adventurous  Maoneja Boneja Martin Miranda Adventurous  Martin Miranda Masako Thehumorless Adventurous  Masako Thehumorless Mashiba Rio Adventurous  Mashiba Rio Maxima Lunar Adventurous  Maxima Lunar May Die Adventurous  May Die Megs Meidis Adventurous  Megs Meidis Men Geche Adventurous  Men Geche Minkyung Kim Adventurous  Minkyung Kim Na Cho Adventurous  Na Cho Neindawut Azrael Adventurous  Neindawut Azrael Nemb Kisaragi Adventurous  Nemb Kisaragi Nenya Fancy Adventurous  Nenya Fancy Nhyuu Nanaphellya Adventurous  Nhyuu Nanaphellya Nienna La Adventurous  Nienna La Niva Vulcan Adventurous  Niva Vulcan Noah Junior Adventurous  Noah Junior Noi Orcwynn Adventurous  Noi Orcwynn Noober Thanyou Adventurous  Noober Thanyou Odric Dragore Adventurous  Odric Dragore Otyg San Adventurous  Otyg San Pamela Chu Adventurous  Pamela Chu Peachy Goh Adventurous  Peachy Goh Pearl Rosemint Adventurous  Pearl Rosemint Pepper Quel'thalas Adventurous  Pepper Quel'thalas Pixelnoton Allendrys Adventurous  Pixelnoton Allendrys Pyha Wolndar Adventurous  Pyha Wolndar Ragnar Eukalyptus Adventurous  Ragnar Eukalyptus Rey Sinbad Adventurous  Rey Sinbad Rhela Lockhart Adventurous  Rhela Lockhart Roger Soulfire Adventurous  Roger Soulfire Rych Gegustrominer Adventurous  Rych Gegustrominer Sabreh Steelfate Adventurous  Sabreh Steelfate Sao Kyoyama Adventurous  Sao Kyoyama Schuber Slater Adventurous  Schuber Slater Sebastian Valentine Adventurous  Sebastian Valentine Seele Aensland Adventurous  Seele Aensland Seleen Corsair Adventurous  Seleen Corsair Semifusa Wifu Adventurous  Semifusa Wifu Shawarma Shine Adventurous  Shawarma Shine Shin Mura Adventurous  Shin Mura Shui Wu Adventurous  Shui Wu Silmeria Longstride Adventurous  Silmeria Longstride Sirius Welf Adventurous  Sirius Welf Skary Amane Adventurous  Skary Amane Solid White Adventurous  Solid White Sumire Goh Adventurous  Sumire Goh Sun Leona Adventurous  Sun Leona Sweet Jinx Adventurous  Sweet Jinx Theodore Thompson Adventurous  Theodore Thompson Thomasvengador Tito Adventurous  Thomasvengador Tito Timaeus Crowley Adventurous  Timaeus Crowley Tiny Hat Adventurous  Tiny Hat Tio Patota Adventurous  Tio Patota Umi Fujiwara Adventurous  Umi Fujiwara Van Hallen Adventurous  Van Hallen Verguenza Pequena Adventurous  Verguenza Pequena Vilant Cruz Adventurous  Vilant Cruz Vlad Dracule Adventurous  Vlad Dracule Vmp Kuo Adventurous  Vmp Kuo Willson Noland Adventurous  Willson Noland Xedereth Jc Adventurous  Xedereth Jc Xinogami Spirit Adventurous  Xinogami Spirit Zephiroth Strike Adventurous  Zephiroth Strike Zeta Lr Adventurous  Zeta Lr Zira Naari Adventurous  Zira Naari Zora Noyola Adventurous  Zora Noyola Zuviem Courie Adventurous  Zuviem Courie Zyrus Kenway Adventurous  Zyrus Kenway Adolin Khollin Adventurous  Adolin Khollin Aegir Stormstout Adventurous  Aegir Stormstout Akai Draco Adventurous  Akai Draco Akroma Diaz Adventurous  Akroma Diaz Alcapuria Nanamai Adventurous  Alcapuria Nanamai Aldith Silverhand Adventurous  Aldith Silverhand Ale Rsv Adventurous  Ale Rsv Alek Perez Adventurous  Alek Perez Alfen Somnus Adventurous  Alfen Somnus Aliciell Liddell Adventurous  Aliciell Liddell Alma Verde Adventurous  Alma Verde Altaiiir Kusushi Adventurous  Altaiiir Kusushi Amalya Smoked Adventurous  Amalya Smoked Amber Light Adventurous  Amber Light Andii Dubstep Adventurous  Andii Dubstep Andy Vanpersie Adventurous  Andy Vanpersie Aril Ballard Adventurous  Aril Ballard Arka Roshi Adventurous  Arka Roshi Arzel Luz Adventurous  Arzel Luz Asrielu Dreemurr Adventurous  Asrielu Dreemurr Aurahel Mirkwud Adventurous  Aurahel Mirkwud Ayane Senshi Adventurous  Ayane Senshi Barbatos Prodmore Adventurous  Barbatos Prodmore Beat Red Adventurous  Beat Red Belmont Striker Adventurous  Belmont Striker Ben Elrapido Adventurous  Ben Elrapido Benjaigni Dakk Adventurous  Benjaigni Dakk Berto Soto Adventurous  Berto Soto Beryl Liona Adventurous  Beryl Liona Beussieu Tempest Adventurous  Beussieu Tempest Black Zero Adventurous  Black Zero Blazershot Lockhart Adventurous  Blazershot Lockhart Borealix Hex Adventurous  Borealix Hex Bubastis Iltux Adventurous  Bubastis Iltux Carnarios Bass Adventurous  Carnarios Bass Cinq Ornitier Adventurous  Cinq Ornitier Cloudbolt Walker Adventurous  Cloudbolt Walker Codicia General Adventurous  Codicia General Conveniente Palatrama Adventurous  Conveniente Palatrama Crainte Valdis Adventurous  Crainte Valdis Criticalnex Kyujyu Adventurous  Criticalnex Kyujyu Daeron Tasartir Adventurous  Daeron Tasartir Daevied Shirogane Adventurous  Daevied Shirogane Daito Shirogane Adventurous  Daito Shirogane Dakiuz Strife Adventurous  Dakiuz Strife Dayy Dream Adventurous  Dayy Dream Deadly Insanity Adventurous  Deadly Insanity Demi Freak Adventurous  Demi Freak Deranor Shalanore Adventurous  Deranor Shalanore Dragneel Heimdall Adventurous  Dragneel Heimdall Drakel Sun Adventurous  Drakel Sun Dren Vanvett Adventurous  Dren Vanvett Duncan Titor Adventurous  Duncan Titor Edea Mizuhashi Adventurous  Edea Mizuhashi Eillaen Grymyllyon Adventurous  Eillaen Grymyllyon El Principe Adventurous  El Principe Elay Re Adventurous  Elay Re Elbragol Indahil Adventurous  Elbragol Indahil Erick Alexis Adventurous  Erick Alexis Exarel Dawnbringer Adventurous  Exarel Dawnbringer Fenrir Ackerman Adventurous  Fenrir Ackerman Frozan Argent Adventurous  Frozan Argent Furrias Hernndez Adventurous  Furrias Hernndez Galahad Bancroft Adventurous  Galahad Bancroft Gale Kallen Adventurous  Gale Kallen Geth Machine Adventurous  Geth Machine Goloso Style Adventurous  Goloso Style Gonandom Irakirus Adventurous  Gonandom Irakirus Grima Voidbreaker Adventurous  Grima Voidbreaker Hachibi Dragon Adventurous  Hachibi Dragon I'zana Bolenan Adventurous  I'zana Bolenan Isuka Nagae Adventurous  Isuka Nagae Italic Mrahc Adventurous  Italic Mrahc Itashi Omega Adventurous  Itashi Omega Izet Avira Adventurous  Izet Avira Jetrue Tensine Adventurous  Jetrue Tensine Jitox Sup Adventurous  Jitox Sup Juan Elizalde Adventurous  Juan Elizalde Jugadora Casual Adventurous  Jugadora Casual Kai Endo Adventurous  Kai Endo Kaoru Holyray Adventurous  Kaoru Holyray Karin Mariana Adventurous  Karin Mariana Keko Jones Adventurous  Keko Jones Kenlises Harvey Adventurous  Kenlises Harvey Key Kid Adventurous  Key Kid Kheo Kahkol Adventurous  Kheo Kahkol Kimiyo Lecaton Adventurous  Kimiyo Lecaton Kismet Starfell Adventurous  Kismet Starfell Knuto Squire Adventurous  Knuto Squire Kri Lanzelo Adventurous  Kri Lanzelo Kuiron Darkness Adventurous  Kuiron Darkness Kurasi Stormrage Adventurous  Kurasi Stormrage Kusagi Kanno Adventurous  Kusagi Kanno Kuyen Solandis Adventurous  Kuyen Solandis Kyria Drachen Adventurous  Kyria Drachen Kzyle Nova Adventurous  Kzyle Nova La Artes Adventurous  La Artes Lab Phantom Adventurous  Lab Phantom Lady Elaine Adventurous  Lady Elaine Lalo Salado Adventurous  Lalo Salado Lance Caelum Adventurous  Lance Caelum Laniakea Vion'raex Adventurous  Laniakea Vion'raex Leon Clemens Adventurous  Leon Clemens Leono Triger Adventurous  Leono Triger Leonstriker Gilga Adventurous  Leonstriker Gilga Lith Velk Adventurous  Lith Velk Ljot Isshu Adventurous  Ljot Isshu Lord Accelerator Adventurous  Lord Accelerator Lord Yami Adventurous  Lord Yami Luag Cin Adventurous  Luag Cin Luciel Aurien Adventurous  Luciel Aurien Luis Santiagio Adventurous  Luis Santiagio Lynx Saigyouji Adventurous  Lynx Saigyouji Mao Tse-tung Adventurous  Mao Tse-tung Mardan Dk Adventurous  Mardan Dk Marrek Black Adventurous  Marrek Black Memo Starkiller Adventurous  Memo Starkiller Milo D'fenix Adventurous  Milo D'fenix Mitsuki Okami Adventurous  Mitsuki Okami Murloc Kiby Adventurous  Murloc Kiby Myu Moo Adventurous  Myu Moo Narkissus Silvana Adventurous  Narkissus Silvana Natsume Tomomi Adventurous  Natsume Tomomi Nayeon Once Adventurous  Nayeon Once Neferpitou Mex Adventurous  Neferpitou Mex Nema Dauthi Adventurous  Nema Dauthi Nemecis Primrose Adventurous  Nemecis Primrose Neva Sterrbharwyn Adventurous  Neva Sterrbharwyn Nightx Ancrath Adventurous  Nightx Ancrath Niir Klon Adventurous  Niir Klon Nobara Kugisaki Adventurous  Nobara Kugisaki Numenar Mithrandir Adventurous  Numenar Mithrandir Ospi Fire Adventurous  Ospi Fire Otaru Skyshatter Adventurous  Otaru Skyshatter Pand Evaine Adventurous  Pand Evaine Park Eun Adventurous  Park Eun Paty Patu Adventurous  Paty Patu Phantom Farron Adventurous  Phantom Farron Raven Lockmeyer Adventurous  Raven Lockmeyer Rayeart Arknight Adventurous  Rayeart Arknight Rei Kiriyama Adventurous  Rei Kiriyama Reiven Boyer Adventurous  Reiven Boyer Rey Rol'ca Adventurous  Rey Rol'ca Rich Tempest Adventurous  Rich Tempest Rykimaro Shin Adventurous  Rykimaro Shin Sahara Orca Adventurous  Sahara Orca Sai Yagami Adventurous  Sai Yagami Sakura Lavin Adventurous  Sakura Lavin Scarlet Fenix Adventurous  Scarlet Fenix Setsugetsuka Amatsu Adventurous  Setsugetsuka Amatsu Shiroha Amatsu Adventurous  Shiroha Amatsu Shunnen Erthcrown Adventurous  Shunnen Erthcrown Sidney Lucis Adventurous  Sidney Lucis Sinelege Retzol Adventurous  Sinelege Retzol Sirae Dragonwind Adventurous  Sirae Dragonwind Skylar Moonbrezze Adventurous  Skylar Moonbrezze Soffi Ayslam Adventurous  Soffi Ayslam Squalll Leonheart Adventurous  Squalll Leonheart Steiner Ox Adventurous  Steiner Ox Surimi Kon Adventurous  Surimi Kon Syndra Valethar Adventurous  Syndra Valethar Takezo Shinmen Adventurous  Takezo Shinmen Tate Quieto Adventurous  Tate Quieto Tenref Aknarb Adventurous  Tenref Aknarb Thoma Videbunt Adventurous  Thoma Videbunt Tilin Tilin Adventurous  Tilin Tilin Toff Helbmannwyn Adventurous  Toff Helbmannwyn Tokay Silva Adventurous  Tokay Silva Tom Bolcetti Adventurous  Tom Bolcetti Two Be Adventurous  Two Be Ulkiorras Belmont Adventurous  Ulkiorras Belmont Ulwarth Knight Adventurous  Ulwarth Knight Uru Nando Adventurous  Uru Nando Vann Kamina Adventurous  Vann Kamina Velkan Baryx Adventurous  Velkan Baryx Verde Tank Adventurous  Verde Tank Vildara Avedarius Adventurous  Vildara Avedarius Voax Wynder Adventurous  Voax Wynder Whisper Rebirth Adventurous  Whisper Rebirth Willstar Charlotte Adventurous  Willstar Charlotte Winnie Lab Adventurous  Winnie Lab Wolf Dark Adventurous  Wolf Dark Yggdrasil Lionheart Adventurous  Yggdrasil Lionheart Yurak Akin Adventurous  Yurak Akin Zadri Storin Adventurous  Zadri Storin Zekyu Hide Adventurous  Zekyu Hide Zohra Hrana Adventurous  Zohra Hrana