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Bad Wolf

Rank 30 Free Company "Bad Wolf" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232379236109530830. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Leviathan, Primal leaving tags "Wolf" all over the place. Has a large base named "Bad Wolf Bay" on plot 2 in ward 8 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

It's bigger on the inside.

Participates in:

  • CasualCasual

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

A'vett Shotzko A'vett Shotzko Aaron Outlaw Aaron Outlaw Adaline Renfri Adaline Renfri Akamin Alger Akamin Alger Akio Tanaka Akio Tanaka Akira Mclean Akira Mclean Akiteru Mangovian Akiteru Mangovian Alex Talbain Alex Talbain Alexander Searaven Alexander Searaven Alfeo Maniac Alfeo Maniac Alistair Winters Alistair Winters Alkai Locke Alkai Locke Alonna Meda Alonna Meda Amalia Anke Amalia Anke Amara Finral Amara Finral Ameline Brancha Ameline Brancha Andy Luc Andy Luc Andyroo Hutch Andyroo Hutch Angeltayni Winn Angeltayni Winn Ann Rose Ann Rose Antares Scorpii Antares Scorpii Apollo Kleos Apollo Kleos Apple Song Apple Song Aquanta Chanchito Aquanta Chanchito Arcobaleno Fon Arcobaleno Fon Aris Throttle Aris Throttle Arnif Tatouf Arnif Tatouf Aroyal Gangflinger Aroyal Gangflinger Artemis Rey Artemis Rey Artorias Longcawk Artorias Longcawk Athena Hera Athena Hera Aubrey Elle Aubrey Elle Audouin Outlawe Audouin Outlawe Auli'i Kahue Auli'i Kahue Avalon Myst Avalon Myst Ayame Fukiku Ayame Fukiku Aydia Polyphonica Aydia Polyphonica Azara Tilamon Azara Tilamon Azeria Smols Azeria Smols Azrael Silver Azrael Silver Baby Tevs Baby Tevs Balazr Omega Balazr Omega Be'laya Or'chida Be'laya Or'chida Ben Afflek Ben Afflek Benderr Rodriguez Benderr Rodriguez Bigbooty Cheeks Bigbooty Cheeks Billiam William Billiam William Bitsy Doombringer Bitsy Doombringer Bob Sagette Bob Sagette Bobrick Hafdik Bobrick Hafdik Brandonius Maximus Brandonius Maximus Brimosa Yankus Brimosa Yankus Broner Doner Broner Doner C'lantaa Vikram C'lantaa Vikram Caecalius Cerunir Caecalius Cerunir Caen Elgren Caen Elgren Caixa Zestria Caixa Zestria Caramel Macchiato Caramel Macchiato Carrow Strife Carrow Strife Casserah Blackwell Casserah Blackwell Catboy Dexus Catboy Dexus Celest Warrior Celest Warrior Chef Boy'aly Chef Boy'aly Cheshire Wolf Cheshire Wolf Choco Robo Choco Robo Chofa Wofa Chofa Wofa Cian Scarsguard Cian Scarsguard Ciphor Deciphor Ciphor Deciphor Clancy Wiggum Clancy Wiggum Claria Oswald Claria Oswald Cloby Duck Cloby Duck Coder Fasteele Coder Fasteele Cohen Chun Cohen Chun Conarth Torne Conarth Torne Connor Kenway Connor Kenway Cooper Darkwind Cooper Darkwind Corliss Tailwind Corliss Tailwind Cosmo Dragonsbane Cosmo Dragonsbane Crowbaralice Potato Crowbaralice Potato Crowley Nd Crowley Nd Cynical Blue Cynical Blue Cyrus Dark Cyrus Dark Dahlia Vita Dahlia Vita Damuza Khan Damuza Khan Dandy Soleil Dandy Soleil Daniel Dewight Daniel Dewight Darach Mackenzie Darach Mackenzie Dark Badoo Dark Badoo Dark Soulss Dark Soulss Darkensia Pantsthorn Darkensia Pantsthorn Darkk Nes Darkk Nes Darkmoon Schneider Darkmoon Schneider Davin Tran Davin Tran Daxi Linara Daxi Linara Dead Weightkun Dead Weightkun Deadeye Backshots Deadeye Backshots Deam Ragnarok Deam Ragnarok Delang Starfyre Delang Starfyre Delra Wanep Delra Wanep Demi Flare Demi Flare Demi Rose Demi Rose Dexo'li Jhorsodi Dexo'li Jhorsodi Diaper Overflow Diaper Overflow Dienda Discawk Dienda Discawk Diggle Crigglesticks Diggle Crigglesticks Dillon Harper Dillon Harper Dinae Moonstar Dinae Moonstar Dineris Dragonmother Dineris Dragonmother Disc Golfer Disc Golfer Dissonantia Sublimwyn Dissonantia Sublimwyn Doogs Oz Doogs Oz Doomed Prophecy Doomed Prophecy Dov Jinx Dov Jinx Dozan Macleod Dozan Macleod Dracuul Dragonclaw Dracuul Dragonclaw Drago Man Drago Man Dragon Toebreaker Dragon Toebreaker Dragons Bane Dragons Bane Drake Kielbasaux Drake Kielbasaux Draker Blackstorm Draker Blackstorm Drakkoth Darkblade Drakkoth Darkblade Draxx Satoshi Draxx Satoshi Dread Destro Dread Destro Drewsiff Zebb Drewsiff Zebb Drizz Illieun Drizz Illieun Duder Stein Duder Stein Dysias Leah Dysias Leah Eadric Theyounger Eadric Theyounger Eagle Fox Eagle Fox Ebradicator Inferna Ebradicator Inferna Echo Gamicho Echo Gamicho Edalanne Abbey Edalanne Abbey Egirlzinha Fofinha Egirlzinha Fofinha Eileen Tudaleft Eileen Tudaleft Ekrotus Iconion Ekrotus Iconion Eldee Dravale Eldee Dravale Elder Ralh Elder Ralh Elendili Coloma Elendili Coloma Elle Hombre Elle Hombre Elven God Elven God Emily White Emily White Entina Phenix Entina Phenix Enzo Demica Enzo Demica Erlersher Berdersher Erlersher Berdersher Ertol Yil Ertol Yil Estherex Romulus Estherex Romulus Ever Light Ever Light Ex Xe Ex Xe Exotic Eyes Exotic Eyes Ezra Dark Ezra Dark Fat Dargon Fat Dargon Father Kawaii Father Kawaii Feast Mode Feast Mode Feneindrell Axlejar Feneindrell Axlejar Fey Feld Fey Feld Final Hugo Final Hugo Finia Deculsion Finia Deculsion Flash Spam Flash Spam Fleyag Dupree Fleyag Dupree Forbidden Prophecy Forbidden Prophecy Forlorn Mundane Forlorn Mundane Fretzio Weaver Fretzio Weaver Frozen Fallout Frozen Fallout Furious Cubes Furious Cubes Futile Sine Futile Sine Fuzzy Monkey Fuzzy Monkey Fwooshy Mo Fwooshy Mo Gaelle Padilloux Gaelle Padilloux Gage Mayor Gage Mayor Garr Rohrar Garr Rohrar Gatsu Uchiha Gatsu Uchiha Gindali Malocchio Gindali Malocchio Gooch Meister Gooch Meister Gorm Gearfist Gorm Gearfist Grand Sinatra Grand Sinatra Graves Paz Graves Paz Griff Snipes Griff Snipes Grimmslash Dickfury Grimmslash Dickfury Haitog Whois Haitog Whois Haleigh Frostgale Haleigh Frostgale Hans Elfman Hans Elfman Harry Dres'den Harry Dres'den Hatomi Hitsuki Hatomi Hitsuki Hayan Dancer Hayan Dancer Haze Ammanas Haze Ammanas Heymatt Majere Heymatt Majere Hirys Byerys Hirys Byerys Hitomi Suncaller Hitomi Suncaller Iam Ahab Iam Ahab Ida Al-ayad Ida Al-ayad Ignis Sapphirus Ignis Sapphirus Illicit Tendencies Illicit Tendencies Ilodo Vermuto Ilodo Vermuto Ilugei Noykin Ilugei Noykin Infamous Iacobus Infamous Iacobus Innana Padmavati Innana Padmavati Iron Chonks Iron Chonks Ittybitty Teenyweenie Ittybitty Teenyweenie Jaab Jinjahl Jaab Jinjahl Jacen Wilder Jacen Wilder Jack Cb Jack Cb Jack Grim Jack Grim Jacob Knight Jacob Knight Jacox Arok Jacox Arok Jacqui Blaxx Jacqui Blaxx Jaebyr Bazkir Jaebyr Bazkir Jagal Qarel Jagal Qarel Jake Strongwind Jake Strongwind Jared Polk Jared Polk Jared Wayne Jared Wayne Jaysonissenpai Son Jaysonissenpai Son Jewel Cikez Jewel Cikez Jianyu Xiao Jianyu Xiao Jin Xiao Jin Xiao Johnny Styles Johnny Styles Jona Bek Jona Bek Jonatas Boloca Jonatas Boloca Jones Kaboom Jones Kaboom Joy Meadowsong Joy Meadowsong Justin Dalanco Justin Dalanco Kaina Highwind Kaina Highwind Karthes Tatsuo Karthes Tatsuo Katashi Aiko Katashi Aiko Katashi Yukimura Katashi Yukimura Kathrin Kitterson Kathrin Kitterson Kazuya Avagnar Kazuya Avagnar Keltis Highwind Keltis Highwind Kevin Ironfists Kevin Ironfists Khada Gharl Khada Gharl Khan Stapated Khan Stapated Khanvict Da'conqueror Khanvict Da'conqueror Khomee Homee Khomee Homee Ki'shok Kei Ki'shok Kei Kingkattia Kattin Kingkattia Kattin Kis Menethil Kis Menethil Kisuke Kirigata Kisuke Kirigata Klesh Kinsly Klesh Kinsly Klyr Hwatur Klyr Hwatur Knight Rain Knight Rain Kocky Killer Kocky Killer Kojiro Killgannon Kojiro Killgannon Koma Kurogane Koma Kurogane Kuni Nitsuji Kuni Nitsuji Kurai Hana Kurai Hana Kurama Gunji Kurama Gunji Kuremiko Yushima Kuremiko Yushima Kwrul Vastaya Kwrul Vastaya Kyotozon Marquiszod Kyotozon Marquiszod Lady Eorzea Lady Eorzea Lady Falkor Lady Falkor Lady Hazydayz Lady Hazydayz Lady Larken Lady Larken Lady Yuma Lady Yuma Lazraelle Aradima Lazraelle Aradima Leeann Winchester Leeann Winchester Legaia Legend Legaia Legend Leofwynn Endsong Leofwynn Endsong Levi Eysstea Levi Eysstea Leylef Artrun Leylef Artrun Libertus Senih Libertus Senih Licking Gooch Licking Gooch Liff Gold Liff Gold Lil Mel Lil Mel Lil Twix Lil Twix Lilly Ann Lilly Ann Lionhart Katelo Lionhart Katelo Little Missy Little Missy Littlemajor Major Littlemajor Major Liu Xiao Liu Xiao Llana Firesoul Llana Firesoul Loc Gannon Loc Gannon Lord Kyu Lord Kyu Luca Perry Luca Perry Lue Sasol Lue Sasol Lulu Lemons Lulu Lemons Lumiya Kryss Lumiya Kryss Luniee Lovegood Luniee Lovegood Mahzrim Taim Mahzrim Taim Maia Arcana Maia Arcana Malcan Tro Malcan Tro Mattato Aat Mattato Aat Maxwell Smart Maxwell Smart Medium Chan Medium Chan Meilokk Veramu Meilokk Veramu Meirra Dalekki Meirra Dalekki Meqk Lara Meqk Lara Mervan Silvgar Mervan Silvgar Michael Geminibull Michael Geminibull Michello Rose Michello Rose Midnight Khatayin Midnight Khatayin Mikh'to Tayuun Mikh'to Tayuun Min Dracht Min Dracht Mishinka Dorien Mishinka Dorien Mizuki Aiko Mizuki Aiko Moist Snowcone Moist Snowcone Morianna Lotusbloom Morianna Lotusbloom Morning Woods Morning Woods Mr Boulder Mr Boulder Mr Littie Mr Littie Muerte Moon Muerte Moon Mungy Boy Mungy Boy Musky Mike Musky Mike Mythisper Ruinbringer Mythisper Ruinbringer Nalguitas Targaryen Nalguitas Targaryen Nalpheroth Dragonclaw Nalpheroth Dragonclaw Naminae Daishi Naminae Daishi Ne Ked Ne Ked Neko Purisa Neko Purisa Neominous Scrilla Neominous Scrilla Nice Corn Nice Corn Nicolaz Mage Nicolaz Mage Nitro Ripped Nitro Ripped Noa Kamali Noa Kamali None Rain None Rain Nymphadora Senih Nymphadora Senih Odalar Steele Odalar Steele Olivia Dark Olivia Dark Omega Shockwave Omega Shockwave Omnomnom Nomnom Omnomnom Nomnom Only Thots Only Thots Op Lancer Op Lancer Ophelia Akagi Ophelia Akagi Orlando Doom Orlando Doom Oscar Starwind Oscar Starwind Owlishi Owl Owlishi Owl Pablo Pi'cast'olo Pablo Pi'cast'olo Paddy Spice Paddy Spice Panion Geret Panion Geret Paro Paro Paro Paro Pasta Farmer Pasta Farmer Paul Piche Paul Piche Pauloguedes Bolsonaro Pauloguedes Bolsonaro Pauly Gon Pauly Gon Paxton Delacroix Paxton Delacroix Perinne Shockwave Perinne Shockwave Pokey Tallstomping Pokey Tallstomping Praesha Thavian Praesha Thavian Praetor Pyro Praetor Pyro President Poutine President Poutine Prvrtd Angel Prvrtd Angel Punch Knuckles Punch Knuckles Qhota Jakkya Qhota Jakkya Quintus Luna Quintus Luna Ra'toh Theron Ra'toh Theron Rahzar Giantsbane Rahzar Giantsbane Rasho Zero Rasho Zero Rat Attack Rat Attack Raven Angel Raven Angel Raven Vetrarins Raven Vetrarins Ray Xan Ray Xan Rayne Drop Rayne Drop Rayne Etheros Rayne Etheros Redd Hand Redd Hand Rel Spectre Rel Spectre Rengar Ainen Rengar Ainen Renny Muffin Renny Muffin Renzo Jeulerand Renzo Jeulerand Reticula Splynes Reticula Splynes Rhel'ra Jomalah Rhel'ra Jomalah Rhi'a Dragunel Rhi'a Dragunel Riegus Titan Riegus Titan Riesha Rielyn Riesha Rielyn Rikku Hazardtouch Rikku Hazardtouch Rim Krii Rim Krii Ringo Starr Ringo Starr Rino Hagane Rino Hagane Risen Soldier Risen Soldier Roan Bubbagoh Roan Bubbagoh Robinita Freydorf Robinita Freydorf Roboh'a Jaminky Roboh'a Jaminky Rory Corsair Rory Corsair Rose Tyler Rose Tyler Rota Negi Rota Negi Rothinyas Ragnarok Rothinyas Ragnarok Rozua Killgannon Rozua Killgannon Rumple Forskin Rumple Forskin Ryuji Hatake Ryuji Hatake Saint Longinus Saint Longinus Samael Kant Samael Kant Sarabella Rye Sarabella Rye Savvy Athene Savvy Athene Saxophyla Jazzdottir Saxophyla Jazzdottir Scar Zoboomafoo Scar Zoboomafoo Scruffyy Blackburn Scruffyy Blackburn Seal Clubbers Seal Clubbers Secluda Windborne Secluda Windborne Seph Brod Seph Brod Seph Headkilla Seph Headkilla Ser Anotherlazyname Ser Anotherlazyname Seraphin Orwyth Seraphin Orwyth Serepupper Vialuh Serepupper Vialuh Serious Rose Serious Rose Serra Vee Serra Vee Severoth Kingslayer Severoth Kingslayer Shade Vilkas Shade Vilkas Shaman Kalunga Shaman Kalunga Shige Yoshi Shige Yoshi Shinigami Tsukuyomi Shinigami Tsukuyomi Shiramun Malqir Shiramun Malqir Sid Ryuk Sid Ryuk Simple Timple Simple Timple Sir Daekano Sir Daekano Sirina Ura Sirina Ura Slasher Walker Slasher Walker Slaughter-to- Prevail Slaughter-to- Prevail Smelly Bong Smelly Bong Snootz Cramhammer Snootz Cramhammer Snurrande Drake Snurrande Drake Sofe Rose Sofe Rose Solaris Erza Solaris Erza Son Marketh Son Marketh Sonera Gmfo Sonera Gmfo Sonya Bane Sonya Bane Space Corpse Space Corpse Spike Strudel Spike Strudel Spotacus Morningstar Spotacus Morningstar Starlord Aries Starlord Aries Stella Althyk Stella Althyk Suicidal Snugglebug Suicidal Snugglebug Suini Qu Suini Qu Sunshine Mittens Sunshine Mittens Sycia Oru Sycia Oru Syd Batanol Syd Batanol Syr Flova Syr Flova T'malic Anchard T'malic Anchard Tadashi Blackburn Tadashi Blackburn Talan Caldwell Talan Caldwell Talha Maimhov Talha Maimhov Talian Wrynn Talian Wrynn Tarethur Fiercemoon Tarethur Fiercemoon Taylor Bedrock Taylor Bedrock Teh Tehteh Teh Tehteh Tenri Ayukawa Tenri Ayukawa Tess Virion Tess Virion The Whitewhale The Whitewhale Theodric Smithson Theodric Smithson Thiery Torrell Thiery Torrell Tickle Munster Tickle Munster Tin Bin Tin Bin Tony Theliger Tony Theliger Topper Baitz Topper Baitz True Ace True Ace Tyr Bjornson Tyr Bjornson Tyr Macartyr Tyr Macartyr Ugetsu Edakumi Ugetsu Edakumi Ultima Nether Ultima Nether Umbral Moontia Umbral Moontia Usagi Maki Usagi Maki Valen Zha Valen Zha Vasha Surla Vasha Surla Vektroid Eternal Vektroid Eternal Vi Sakage Vi Sakage Vilma Yascaret Vilma Yascaret Void Bolt Void Bolt Vox Tra Vox Tra Vulka Fenrika Vulka Fenrika Vulpine Kitsune Vulpine Kitsune Wild Blizzard Wild Blizzard Winter Duvellan Winter Duvellan Wintersun Moonsorrow Wintersun Moonsorrow Wob Buffet Wob Buffet Wylein Falh Wylein Falh Xanic Livelle Xanic Livelle Xarck Proveaux Xarck Proveaux Xeno Viserion Xeno Viserion Xeno Wildfire Xeno Wildfire Yachiyo Gyoji Yachiyo Gyoji Yami Usagi Yami Usagi Yaromir Atessa Yaromir Atessa Yeetimer Neetimer Yeetimer Neetimer Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy Yuma Cau Yuma Cau Zachary Daiquiri Zachary Daiquiri Zalikarra Moonrunner Zalikarra Moonrunner Zansei Okeya Zansei Okeya Zayne Highmoon Zayne Highmoon Zellphina De-la-luna Zellphina De-la-luna Zenavis Eldari Zenavis Eldari Zin Rahva Zin Rahva Kurn Re'thgar Offline Mascot Kurn Re'thgar Litter Box Offline Mascot Litter Box Flying Knight The Tardis Flying Knight Nasharian Thavian The Tardis Nasharian Thavian